Blender 3.1 Day and Night Cycle Tutorial

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In this tutorial we’ll create a fully interactive day and night cycle world shader. This allows you to show the passage of time. Perfect for environment or timelapse stuff!

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Enabling the Sun Position add-on
0:36 Adding in a Sky Texture
1:04 Using the Sun Position add-on
3:35 Creating the Night Sky Shader
6:30 Transitioning from the Daytime to Nighttime shader
9:00 Adding in Stars to the Night Sky
10:00 Animating the Stars
11:15 Final settings for Nightsky shader
11:41 Outro
My setup:
Motherboard X570 Auros Elite –
RAM – 32GB Corsair –
CPU – AMD Ryzen 3700x –
GPU – Gigabyte 3070 Ti OC –
Case – Fractal Design Meshify –
Power Supply – NZXT 750W –
Headset – Logitech Pro X –
Camera – Sony A6400 –
Mic – Blue Yeticaster –

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