JavaScript Full Course for Beginners | Complete All-in-One Tutorial | 8 Hours

This JavaScript Full Course for Beginners is an all-in-one beginner tutorial and complete course full of nearly 8 hours of JavaScript code and instruction to level up your programming skills. Web development beginners should learn Vanilla JavaScript (what this course is) before moving to a JavaScript library or framework like React JS, Vue JS, Svelte, Angular or others.

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JavaScript Full Course for Beginners:

(0:00:00) Quick Start
(0:07:43) Link JavaScript to HTML
(0:15:16) Strings
(0:22:14) Numbers
(0:27:54) Math Methods
(0:32:57) Code Challenge
(0:40:04) If Statements
(0:46:10) Switch Statements
(0:49:39) Ternary Operators
(0:54:38) User Input
(1:04:37) Your First Game
(1:20:25) Loops
(1:36:19) Functions
(1:48:09) Scope – var, let, const
(2:05:28) Arrays
(2:33:47) Refactor the Game with Arrays
(2:51:52) Objects
(3:14:43) Classes
(3:45:34) JSON
(3:52:19) Handling Errors
(4:06:54) Document Object Model (DOM)
(4:42:06) Event Listeners
(5:21:07) Web Storage API
(5:39:40) Modules
(5:56:27) Higher Order Functions
(6:06:44) Promises / Fetch / Async & Await
(7:11:18) Regular Expressions
(7:33:06) Applying RegEx in JavaScript

Source Code Resources:
? DOM Lesson (chapter 21) HTML & CSS source code:

? Event Listeners Lesson (chapter 22)
Note: You’ll need to change display settings in the CSS for each example.

? Visual Studio Code:

? Further Reading:
Eloquent JavaScript:
MDN Web Docs – JavaScript Basics:

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